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  We support the following four (4) networks.  These are four of the largest footprints on the planet.

The UUNET IP network spans more than 3,800 Points of Presence (PoPs) throughout North America, and in Europe and the Pacific Rim, and incorporates more than 2 million modem ports.

WorldCom's UUNET IP network maintains high levels of reliability with redundant and diverse paths to avoid single points of failure and provide optimal routing and traffic flow, as well as uninterruptible power supplies at every switching node. WorldCom's state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers provide pro-active network monitoring and fault resolution 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Since 1995, StarNet™, Inc. has been aggressively building the biggest 56K / V.90 network in North America. In city after city, StarNet deploys its own network of dial-up equipment to create an Internet access network manageable by you, the ISP, via simple tools and interfaces refined enough to hide the complex technologies underneath. Already, StarNet has built the most reliable and cutting-edge network for Internet access aggregation throughout the United States and Canada with more than 1,200 access locations.


Qwest began in 1995 when SP telecom, a subsidiary of Southern Pacific Railroad, combined with Qwest Corp., a small Dallas-based digital microwave firm. Today, the Qwest fiber network reaches 104,000 miles around the world.

Qwest Communications is a leading Internet-based data, voice, image and multimedia communications company. It combines what the company considers to be the world's fastest, most powerful network with a leading line-up of Web hosting services, managed solutions, high-speed Internet access, private networks, and wireless Internet solutions. When Qwest's new optical overlay network is completed in 2001, it hopes to have build the largest data network largest in the world, giving Qwest the capacity it needs to meet anticipated bandwidth demands of its clientele.


Aleron’s POPs in the United States are strategically located at key junction points for international cable facilities, long-haul domestic fiber systems and metro-area networks, in order to support a diversity of connectivity solutions and facilitate fast circuit provisioning. All U.S. POPs are connected via OC-48 links, and are located near key Network Access Points (NAPs). Their strategic positioning also enables Aleron to better serve regional customers in the cities we reach, providing high-quality local Internet access with lower latency and increased bandwidth scalability capabilities.

Aleron's Dial Services dial PoPs are connected to Aleron's next-generation MPLS-based IP backbone through our optimized Distributed Aggregation PoP Architecture. This eliminates performance bottlenecks, and provides peak network performance. All dial aggregation PoPs are located at backbone nodes. Thus, dial traffic is not forced through unreliable multi-hop aggregations with severe bandwidth choke points. All equipment is located at carrier class, secure facilities and has direct local connections to backbone switches and routers to assure full port speed connectivity


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