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Customers may activate dial-up accounts through a Filtered Access service. Filtered Access provides "Family Friendly" or "G Rated" access control for the end-user. Dial-Up customers do not have direct control or override capability for this service, making it secure and safe for consumer use.

This service uses the X-Stop filtering capability for complete filter control. The Eureka Chamber of Commerce maintains all the applicable access restrictions via an X-Stop box, located in our main facility. Our users on the network can make requests to browse any site on the Internet. When that request is made, it is first sent to the proxy server before going out to the Internet. Our proxy server running the latest Filtering software checks a "block-access" list to see if the requested site is one that has been designated as off limits or "blocked." If the requested site is blocked, a message in the form of a web page is sent back to the requesting computer informing the user that the page is not accessible. If the requested site is not in the block-access list, the proxy server makes the request which goes out onto the Internet and the site is retrieved.


Our X-Stop Server is updated regularly with "block lists" thereby insuring the latest information for safe internet access. They have a list of blocked sites that makes ours larger and more comprehensive than any other in the filtering business. The filtered site list contains hundreds of thousands of Web pages that are personally reviewed and updated daily. Our customers are provided with a web-based request form for the customer to ask that a specific site or URL be added to the our Proxy Server exclusion list and therefore, blocked.


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X-Stop uses sophisticated search engines, web crawlers and other techniques to find sites that might fall into categories that should be blocked. Using these various methods, they narrow down these suspicious sites to a "review list." Each site in that review list is then looked at by someone on their staff to determine if the site should be blocked. With this method in place, our coverage of the Internet for blocking inappropriate material is unmatched in the industry and each has a department whose sole task is to create these block-access lists.


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