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Eureka Days - Wet and Wonderful Time

For the first time in 25 years, it stormed for Eureka Days. On Thursday before the event, the first of the rain rolled through. Everyone pulled together and cleaned up from the storm. The folks from the Building Department and the Parks & Recreation Department had their hands full, but due to the creative solutions that Will Boyle, Missy Rathmann, Kristin Moore and Cathy Armfield came up with, the event was still on schedule.

On Friday, loads of mulch and hay were brought in to stabilize the grounds. And though the vendors had a delay in setting up due to the relocation of some of the booths from standing water and parking issues, the event began on time.

A special thanks goes out to several of our local merchants for their donations to the Chamber booth: Keith Bruns and his Pacific Manager, Cathy for 7 ten foot sandwiches that fed us Friday night and Saturday during clean-up and break-down (that was extremely generous of you both!); Mike Klenke from Holiday Inn Six Flags for all the soda in the booth and helping to set up the coolers and booth as well; Poor Richards for the yummy wings and Applebee's for the delicious brownies for dessert.

Thanks to Eureka Nursery for the centerpieces and decorations that were even delivered and Jefferson Bank & Trust, Rockwood Rank and American Family-Melissa Dew for all the cases of water. Laurie Price and The Faded Rose´ donated a case of lovely wines for everyone to enjoy - and we sure did! Though we had to cancel, St. Louis Bread Company and Rich and Charlie's also offered food for the booth and we thank them for their generosity.

The 5K run had over 180 participants and the parade had over 80 entries and the public turned out to watch by the hundreds. Central Avenue was packed with people with umbrellas. As most of you already know, the Saturday events following these two successful morning events had to be cancelled due to weather and safety factors. This reporter has chosen to say in pictures how well the events went that did happen and how much fun everyone had.
(Check out David Jackson from AxiA Fine Jewelers as our ECC Honorary Grand Marshall of 2007 - below!)

So if you have questions or want to learn how to become part of this tremendous community program, the Eureka Chamber of Commerce, please call me at 636-938-6062.  In the mean time, enjoy these pictures courtesy of my son Zak and my husband Brett, since I caught a chest cold late Friday night and had to miss the parade, much to my extreme dismay - It sure looked like everyone had an EXCELLENT time!


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