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Membership Committee
June 4th Chamber Membership Meeting
By Membership Committee
Jun 13, 2003, 12:46

June 4th Chamber of Commerce General Meeting Highlights

The crowd was in an informally festive mood for our quarterly evening meeting. The sprits and food was great. If you missed the June meeting you missed the opportunity to win some fun prizes.

This month’s website spotlight winner was Jay Kurtz with STL On Line, Inc and the Chamber Chatter spotlight winner was Jean Tucker with Rockwood Bank. Magnolia’s Garden donated a huge beautiful floral arrangement won by Dennis Cunningham of Cunningham - Millard - Cantriel Funeral Home. Since Dennis sees and smells more than enough flowers at the funeral home, he gave the arrangement to our lovely Ramada hostess server, Doris. Rockwood Bank brought in golf balls and a cooler for the drawings and American Solutions for Business gave away a summer fun pack of promotional items won by none other than Inferno Promos – another promotional products business!

Mayor Coffey To the Rescue:

Due to pending legislation, our scheduled speaker Senator Jack Jackson was unable to escape Jef City to attend. Mayor Kevin Coffey filled in and enlightened us with some of the key projects in the area:

  • Sewage Treatment plant upgrades and expansion - $3.4M will Increase capacity 270% - ~8 months to completion
  • JBA project moving forward (Heritage Homes) - 1200 new homes, 80 acres of commercial - generally in the Allenton area
  • Bartle Group (old driving range on 109) - 50 acres Multi-family, 60 acres commercial / office, 10-20 acres retail
  • Jim Barrick - Brouster & Workman Road project
  • St. Joe Hospital - facility (multi-floor) in Legends Plaza
  • New bridge currently under construction over Meremac River Hwy-W
  • Legend Terrace Apartments open and leasing $755 - $990 per month

Gary O’Grady and Mayor Coffey met with several businesses including, Ace Hardware, Walgreen's, Wehrenberg Theater to explain what Eureka has to offer and deliver Comprehensive Plan. The Mayor is meeting with Rockwood schools about the new projects and developments to understand their plans for growth. The City is also working on plans for building of recreational complex for Eureka.

The Mayor touched on the Eureka / Pacific dispute over prison annexation

  • Eureka currently connects directly with entire one side of the prison
  • Eureka has been providing many services already to the prison
  • Eureka has a fully outfitted police (mobile command post, armored personnel vehicle, and a larger force) and the fire department have serviced the prison for many years
  • Tax redistribution would, state, federal, and other local funding would increase Eureka City income $250K - $300K per year
  • The prison has paid Pacific over $100K per year for 20-30 years for sewage fees. These same fees would cost the prison ~one third under Eureka's plan

Mark your calendar for the Mayor’s meeting, open to the public on June 26, 7:00 PM to discuss and review Comprehensive Plan for Eureka.       

The Mayor is holding a quarterly “Mayor Breakfast” at City Hall similar to the Meet the Mayor breakfast held in May. Watch your Chamber Chatter and email news for further information.



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