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President’s National Hire Veterans Committee Expands Nationwide Communications Campaign
By Judy Leonard, Regional Marketing Representative
Apr 26, 2005, 10:40

President’s National Hire Veterans Committee Expands Nationwide Communications Campaign

WASHINGTON—The President’s National Hire Veterans Committee today expanded its national campaign to raise employer awareness of the value of hiring men and women who have served in the armed forces.  The latest element of the “Hire Vets First” campaign, a comprehensive Web site that enables employers to find veteran job seekers, is now available online.

“This campaign will heighten employer awareness of the diverse capabilities, broad range of skills, excellent training and proven character of America’s veterans,” said Frederico Juarbe Jr., assistant secretary of Labor for Veterans’ Employment and Training.  “I am confident the committee will do a great job of meeting President Bush’s goal of increasing public appreciation of the skills and values that veterans bring to the 21st Century Workforce.”

The new Web site, , includes a guide for employers, a translator that provides the civilian application of military skills and links to job sites with veteran resumes, such as America’s Job Bank ( ) and USA Jobs (  The site will also feature resources for veteran job seekers, including an online resume writer developed exclusively for people with military experience.

The “Hire Vets First” campaign will also include advertising in national business and human resource publications, banners on career Web sites, direct marketing and magazine inserts and cover wraps.

“America’s veterans represent a unique national resource and employers can benefit from this recognized resource for driving economic growth,” said Juarbe.  “The President’s National Hire Veterans Committee is the culmination of the Administration’s strategy for the promotion of that resource and a shared vision to address employment barriers military service members face as they transition into civilian life.”

Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao established the committee under the Jobs for Veterans Act signed by President Bush.  The committee has 15 members from business, organized labor and state agencies as well as six ex officio members.



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