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Welcome to the Eureka Chamber of Commerce. As we move into the year 2008, look around our great city and reflect on the history of Eureka.  So many of us can only see where we are today, and wish for right now.  When you stop and look back over the last 150 years, realize how far we have come as a community.  In 1858, if you were to ask the Strodt, Shands, Votaw, Thomas, Hornecker, Johnston, Major Beale, and Brown, the founding fathers of Eureka, “Where do you see Eureka in 150 years?”  They could not have imagined the future that we are living today.  They were a small community of settlers.  Even though we have grown, we are still a community. 

The definition of community is: social groups of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage

Where will we be in the next 150 year?  I do not know, but our city has plans for a brighter future that we will all prosper from.  But to reach that tomorrow, we need to focus on today.  As a community, we need to focus on the three C’s: Community, City Hall, and the Chamber of Commerce.  “C” is not only the first letter in community, it’s the core of a community.  So how can you help Eureka on it road into the future? The answer is - simple support your chamber.  If you are reading this message, simply search our membership listing on the site and every business you may need resides right here in beautiful Eureka.  The businesses of Eureka need your support, the city needs your voice, and in order the see the next 150 years come to pass, we need you to be a active citizen of Eureka.

Chamber President,
Leland S. Kropp Jr.


  Leland S. Kropp Jr.
Theatrical Concepts
President, Eureka Chamber of Commerce, 2008

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